work platforms stabimat
work platforms

Metal and wooden platforms for workstations

Wooden and metal floor platforms for machines

meeting the requirements of the Machinery Directive

STABIMAT platforms are wooden and metal machine platforms. They have an openwork and non-slip surface. Wooden workshop grates are intended for use in production buildings on concrete, ceramic and plastic floors. They can also be used as floor grids for joining, modernizing and reorganizing workplaces in the vicinity of both old and new machines and for building integrated production systems. Stabimat pads, as certified and tested, are marked with the CE logo.
The STABIMAT platform system - these are machine grids that meet the requirements of safety regulations:
  • they are durable and stable
  • have an TOP anti-slip surface
  • are comfortable and safe to use
  • they insulate against the cold and moisture of the floor
  • easy to keep clean
  • big configuration options