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work platforms


Wooden floor pads - type "P"

Raising the "P" workshop platforms

It is possible to order elevated platforms for the height of H = 9cm, H = 12cm and H = 15cm. Boards higher than the standard ones have the designations P75/9, P75/12 and P75/15 in the case of the base plate and P150/9, P150/12 and P150/15 in the case of a double plate. The maximum height of this type of machine platforms is: Hmax = 15 cm

Configuration of floor platforms at work stations

In the case of folded work stands, the platform for a specific workstation is built from "P" type plates, that is from the P75/H and P150/H cm platform plates shown above. Keeping in mind that the width of the platform is fixed at 75 cm, the configuration of the target platform may be varied and will always be a multiple of the 75x75 cm module. Below are examples of composite working floor platforms used in machine tool workplaces.
work platforms
platforms for machine tools