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Intended use of "L" working grids

Wooden machine platforms
STABIMAT type "L" wooden floor platforms are used in industrial plants as work platforms for machine tools and other work stations. They work as easy-to-use machine floor grids that increase safety at workplaces. Their main application is provided for the performance of work platforms at the positions of machine tools produced and purchased before January 1, 2003, so they concern the so-called "old machines". But not only, because these platforms can also be used to combine, modernize and reorganize workstations in the vicinity of both old and new machines. Similarly to the "P" type platforms, the "L" type wooden pads are also designed for making platforms of low height, in the range of 6 ÷ 15 cm, in which the law does not regulate in detail the safety conditions (during operating machines) and does not require the use of barriers protective. But this does not mean that such additional barriers should not be used at all - it all depends on the local conditions at a given workplace and the analysis of hazards to employees.

The advantages of industrial wooden grates type "L"

  • The platforms are durable and very easy to mount on the work position.
  • The platform surface has TOP anti-slip properties - R13 according to DIN 51130
  • Wooden workshop grates are a good insulation for machine operators standing in front of cold unheated floors and against moisture
  • The platforms are comfortable for the workers standing on them and do not cause fatigue to their legs. Their upper surface is shaped in such a way that the people standing on the work platform do not feel any unevenness that could cause them to trip, giving the machine operators stable and even support during their work, which is essential for the safety of the workstation giving the machine operators stable and even support during their work, essential for the safety of the workstation.
  • The solid construction of the platforms provides them with stability and high resistance to work loads at the workstation

Examples of applications of working platforms at machine stands

Work platforms
Workstations for machine tools - maintenance
Work platforms. Work platforms for machine tools
workshop platforms
Workshop platforms for machine tool stands