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Metal working workshop platforms

platforms for machine tools

Purpose of STABIMAT "M" metal machinery grids

This type of machine platforms differs from the others primarily by the construction, which is metal. This makes the structure more resistant to environmental conditions at the workplace. Metal system type "M" are designed for making platforms of a relatively small height, ie in the range of 10 ÷ 25 cm. Compared to wooden "L" and "P" platforms for which Hmax = 15cm, the height of "M" type platforms can be higher (even 25 cm), which can be important at some work stations when operating machine tools.

Advantages of "M" metal platforms

  • solid construction and durable metal construction means high durability of platforms
  • in a workstation with a damp and cold floor, they provide good insulation from cold and moisture
  • the height of the platforms can be varied - from H=10 to H=25 cm
  • warning color protects the employee against tripping and falling - in accordance with the requirements of health and safety regulations
  • Keeping surface of workplace clean does not cause any problems
  • thanks to the openwork surface (metal grate) does not cause accumulation chips, dust, other impurities and liquids, so that the surface does not become slippery

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platforms for machine tools
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