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Standing platforms for work stations - supplementary information

It must be remembered that safety at the workstation is not just work platforms. Maintaining traffic in the production plant is a broad area connected not only with the efficiency of the machines and production devices themselves. In addition to the efficiency of the machine park, the safety of the machine park functioning is also an important element of the operation of the Maintaining traffic. Operation of machine tools should be safe and without meeting basic health and safety requirements, it is difficult to succeed today. In addition to work platforms, other safety features are also important at the workplace. These include, for example, various types of machine tool covers that protect against hazards caused by ejected objects, emitted gases, vapors, liquids. You can also include warning devices, emergency switches, control systems. Nevertheless, it is also important to illuminate workstations, illuminating work stations of lathes, milling machines, drills or other machine tools, which is an essential complement to the general lighting of the production hall. Other elements important from the point of view of maintenance are various fences, fenders and protective barriers serving not only to protect production buildings, but also to improve safety at workplaces.