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work platforms

Workplace landings to machine tools

Machine platforms STABIMAT type "L"

Construction and description of machine working platforms

Wooden machine platforms Stabimat, type "L" are wooden floor grids. The working surface of the platforms is openwork - it is therefore a kind of machine grids. Non-slip texture and openwork surface of the boards ensure very good adhesion of working footwear. Tests carried out by a certified laboratory in accordance with DIN 51130: 2014-02 showed that the platform surface has the highest anti-slip class "R13".

Platform boards have a standard width (B) of 75 cm and a standard height of 6 cm. The "L" type machine platform consists of five main elements: L75/6, L95/6, L120/6, L140/6 and L160/6 - their characteristics are presented below. Their various dimensions allow you to overcome many needs in this area. These work platforms can also be combined with each other into larger work platforms while building integrated production systems. The platforms meet the requirements of the harmonized standard: EN ISO 14122-2: 2016-08E and the essential requirements defined by: Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 17 May 2006 on machinery.

Machine platforms "L" - technical characteristics

Machine platform basic L75/6

platforms safety requirements
  • dimensions [AxBxH]: 75x75x6 cm
  • weight: ~12 kg
  • height H = 6 cm
  • anti-slip class: R13
  • acceptable loads:
    – continuous: 5,0 kN/m2
    – concentrated: 2,0 kN [20x20cm]

Machine platform extended L95/6

Wooden machine platforms
  • dimensions [AxBxH]:
    95x75x6 cm
  • weight: ~15 kg
  • other parameters as above

Medium machine platform L120/6

platforms for machine tools
  • dimensions [AxBxH]:
    120x75x6 cm
  • weight: ~19 kg
  • other parameters as above

Large machine platform L140/6

workshop platforms
  • dimensions [AxBxH]:
    140x75x6 cm
  • weight: ~22 kg
  • other parameters as above

'Maxi' machine platform L160/6

work platforms
  • dimensions [AxBxH]:
    160x75x6 cm
  • weight: ~24 kg
  • other parameters as above