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work platforms

Workshop platforms

Metal platforms type "M" - characteristics

Construction and description of workshop platforms

The Stabimat "M" metal platforms are workshop floor grates most often used for machine tool stands. The basic elements of the floor platform in the STABIMAT system are the plates shown in the figures below. The construction of the panels is metal, and their openwork surface makes them a type of machine grids. Non-slip texture and openwork surface of the boards ensure very good adhesion of working footwear. The platform surface has an R12 slip resistance class. Platform boards have a standard width of 75 cm, and the height of platforms H can be from 10 to 25 cm (every 1 cm). The "M" machine platform group consists of two elements: M75/H and M100/H (H is height). The platforms meet the requirements of the harmonized standard: EN/ISO 14122-2:2016-08E and the essential requirements defined by: Directive 2006/42/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of May 17, 2006 on machinery

Technical and functional characteristics of "M" type platforms

Basic working platform M75/10

platforms for machine tools
  • dimensions [AxBxH]:
    75x75x10 cm
  • weight: ~20 kg
  • width B = 75 cm
  • standard height H = 10 cm
  • anti-slip class: R12
  • acceptable loads:
    –continuous: 4,0 kN/m2
    – concentrated: 1,5 kN [20x20cm]

Working platform increased M100/10

work platforms
  • dimensions [AxBxH]:
    100x75x10 cm
  • weight: ~25 kg
  • other parameters as above

Dimensions of workshop platforms type "M"

Model H A platform with dimensions [AxB] cm
 [cm]  75x75 100x75
Standard10 M75/10  M100/10 

Finishing of platforms:
1) The platform grille is galvanized and its anti-slip properties have been increased to "R12"
2) The platform frame is powder painted in black
3) The edges of the platform (frame) are covered with non-slip OHS tape (self-adhesive) in yellow and black colors. It is a replaceable element that can be easily renewed in case of damage or wear. The replacement consists in breaking the old tape, washing (degreasing) the surface with extraction gasoline and sticking in the previous place, a new section of OHS tape.
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