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work platforms

Workplace landings to machine tools

Machine platforms for work stations - supplementary information

Work platforms - frequently asked questions

[1] What height can the platforms have ?

  • Wooden platforms "L":
  • - Hmin = 6 cm; Hmax = 15 cm
  • Wooden platforms "P":
  • - Hmin = 6 cm, Hmax = 15 cm
  • Metal "M" type platforms:
  • - Hmin = 10 cm, Hmax = 25 cm

[2] Requirements of which rules and standards meet work platforms ?

Standard "L", "P" and "M" platforms meet the requirements of EN/ISO 14122-2:2016-08. Title of the standard: Machines / Security / Fixed means of access to machines - Part 2: Work platforms and walkways. This is a norm harmonized with the Machinery Directive.
The platforms also meet the requirements set by Council Directive 92/58/EEC of 24 June 1992 on the minimum requirements for safety signs (Annex V - minimum requirements for signs used for obstacles, dangerous places and for marking traffic routes)

[3] Are the "L", "P", "M" type platforms certified ?

Yes. The EC Declaration of Conformity is issued for the platforms.
The platforms are marked with the CE mark.
The instructions for use are sent with the platform.